Evesham Wood Cuvée J Pinot Noir 2010, Eola-Amity Hills

In the past year – well, in some places we already are in 2018 – I've really been one hell of a lazy Pinot prick around here. I hope this will change in 2018. Well, "we'll see what happens …“ Aaanyway, I don't want to slide away into the next year without mentioning one more Pinot Noir! In early November Joy, Chas and Dan from Portland came over to Teutonia to a have a drink or two or most probably more. Today's Pinot was by far the most memorbale of these drinks. The Cuvée J Pinot Noir 2010 from Evesham Wood showed combined characteristics some might find in "Old“ and "New“ World Pinots …!? The vines for the Cuvée J were cultivated in the Eola-Amity Hills on Nekia, Jory and Woodburn soils. It is a barrel selection from the best barrels of each vintage. Btw the "J“ derives from Jayer – Henri Jayer … it is an honor thing! The assorted Pommard clones were all planted in 1986. So, quite seasoned ones. The ageing took place in about 40% new French oak. So, let's go ...

Colourwise the Cuvée J 2010 was really bright, slightly aged in the coronal areas and well equipped with radiant translucent qualities. Its nose convinced me with highly elegant appearing whiffs of spring flowers - mostly white ones with some complementary bright red roses and one or the other supporting violet. Furthermore I got attractive fragrances which remined me of fresh strawberries and a hand full of raspberries. These attributes and the underlying herbal spice were definitely expressive, but never over the top or even superimposed. Quite some serious filigree business I should say! On the palate the J's subtle finenesse contiuned! Aromas were pretty much the same! Well, perhaps with an additional and rather shy appearing minor portion of red currant and more typical foilage'y undergrowth. There was more vibrance and densitiy to the palate. Also without being too extrovert or boastful, but a little bit less shy! Which was perfectly fine to me! The long lasting finish was highly noteworthy as well! In total a really fantastic ****** Pinot which deserves to be the closeing firework … for this year! Thanks again for sharing Joy, Chas and Dan! And, before I forget it:  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!

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