Re-Tasting: Marchesi di Frescobaldi Castello di Pomino Pinot Nero 2008, Pomino

Today I'd like to start a new section on this little blog: The Re-Tasteing section! At a few occasions I'd like to re-taste various wines and transmit my current impressions. I'd like to start with the most popular wine! The Castello di Pomino Pinot Nero 2008! Most popular? Well, at least according to the surprising large amount of clicks. Then it was a reserved and rather tart / hard Pinot which was dominated by dried berries, cherries and autumnal flavours. Now:

The colour looked vital (still) and radiant dark'ish red. Somehow it seemed slightly brighter than my "March 2012 edition” - which is pretty hard to believe (for me). The nose showed plenty of dried bright red cherries, a bit more fruit than last time and far less autumnal scents. Only a few moist leaves and hints of mushrooms were detectable. Strange enough – the taste, showed plenty of mushroom'y flavours!? Maybe even more than one year ago! The fruit flavours of dried bright cherries got more expression, smoothness and sweetness. In the whole there was far more, surprisingly far more, fruit than one year ago! Besides the mentioned cherries I snapped lively flavours which reminded me of raisins-and-nuts chocolate, very mild black pepper, only traces of fresh grounded coffee, hints of mild smoke and hardly any mineral impressions. The acid shoved off (unfortunately). Should have been a bit more left, I guess. The tannin structure used to be harder (-> positive development) and more background-expressive / thrilling (-> negative development). The finish was acceptably long and not as tart as one year ago. The entire composition seemed far more smoothed and tamed and not soooo that Tuscan-Pinot ferocious ;-). A very remarkable change within one year! Indeed a very unexpected transformation to a typical and more “regular” representative of Pinot Noir without edges! I am not quite sure what to think about it! It is still a decent **** Pinot. No doubt about that! And, for me, definitely better than the old Pomino Rossos. Maybe right now it appears a bit boring and too slick! I guess I liked it one year a bit more …
Would not hold it for all too long!

Ooops, almot forgot: My impressions one year ago!

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