Ca' del Bosco Curtefranca Bianco 2010, Lombardia

I haven't really planned to dignify ;-) this white blend with a post on my blog! But sometimes you really have to change your mind about premature plans. Of course, Ca' del Bosco is a really big name in Lombardia and in the world of sparkling wine, but to be honest I did not really expect such an appealing, absolutely not simple and definitely low priced wine from such a renowned and not so reasonable (in general) winery like them. In contrast to the well known and very high priced Chardonnay, the Curtefranca Bianco 2010 is a blend of 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Bianco. In this case a very beneficial composition!

The colour of today's blend seemed rather pale for a Chardonnay (+ stuff) and had plenty of particles in it. The nose showed a lot of elegant and refined lemon and hints of passion fruit fragrances. Some lemon zest, very fresh and almost creamy lemon sorbet and a fair amount of seemingly profound mineral depth, too! The taste appeared to be very fresh, showed a nicely balanced structure (beware: extremely quaffable!), equipped with very mute oak flavours, very mild honey and vanilla components and to the grills full of punchy fruit (same like the nose)! Okay, maybe a bit modern'ish style (not too much, just fine) and for demanding wine geeks like me a bit too accessible (without being dull or even one-dimensional) and easy-going, but anyway for sure a hell of a convincing entry level Chardonnay (+ Pinot Bianco)! For me an almost very decent **** - ***** (done a lot of thinking and can't decide) white blend for well below 15 Euros. Surely something I did not expect! That is probably why I just had to insert this ad-hoc post! Live coverage! You might have already realized it from the even higher amount of fatty finger typos and the miserable photo ;-)! Sorry for that! I'll modify the photo in given time ...

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