Happy Halloween: Weinbau Kraemer Müller-Thurgau Steillage 2015, Franken

Year in and year out there must be some room for a little Halloween interlude on my blog! This year it is time for some Müller-Thurgau! Wines made from Müller-Thurgau have doubtlessly an enormous potential to be a perfect match with this “holiday”. Most of them are frightful and downright scary! This Steillagen Müller-Thurgau 2015 from Stephan Kraemer is different! Luckily, it does not really have such a questionable potential! Let's have a look ...

Right from its visuals it seems relatively attractive. Some minutes ago I've poured a bright golden yellow liquid with assumed vitality in my mediocre tasting glass. The silver’ish-green reflexes must be imaginary. Its nose is showing a distinct imprint of almost ripe limes, some grapefruit, quite a lot of fresh sage, some half-baked slightly sweet’ish bread, a lot of black pepper, a hint of fresh sardines and perhaps some marigold hand-lotion. Not so sure about the last attribute. This mix seems a bit too wild. However, its fresh character and decent spiciness is really convincing … and not totally Müller-Thurgau unmasking. On the palate there is less disguise! Black pepper and sage in combination with lemons (not so much lime) incl. zest are in the center or this liquefied Halloween experience! Short: not really as appealing as the nose! Luckily almost not soapy, definitely not sugary and absolutely not sleepy. Definitely a refreshing and easy-drinking so la-la *** whitey! This Mueller shows quite a lot of vigor, determination and strong character! I hope other Muellers (or specific ones) will show the same characteristics in the near future!

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