Happening Now Tasting 29: Señorío de Astobiza Astobiza Txakoli 2014, Txakoli de Álava

Wouldn't have thought to be such a resolute dry season'ist! It's been about a fortnight since last drop of wine. Can you believe that?! Well, I can't, ... anyway ... I guess temperatures well in the very upper thirties might have helped a bit with my uncanny determination. But I digress ... as always… today, I'd like to contiune with my exploration of hyper-autochthonous varietals. This time I am going for some rare stuff from Spain. Well, concerning this wine some might disagree, but that is another story! (At least) Today, Hondarribi Zuri and the Basque country are still in the very North of Spain. Hondarribi Zuri – I am rather glad not to have a videoblog cause I have no idea how to pronounce that – is actually The white grape variety of the Spanish Basque Country. It is cultivated on slightly more than 100 ha in the tiny Basque DO's of Txakoli de Álava, Getariako Txakolina and Bizkaiko Txakolin. My Hondarribi Zuri from 2014 comes from Txakoli de Álava. It was produced by the still relativly new, however already very well renowned Señorío de Astobiza winery in the town of Okondo, in the Jandiola area. Enough dryness for today! Still pretty hot and lazy out- and inside! Let's have the first sip ...

6:02 pm (popped and poured)

Colour: white gold, breezy lean viscosity, super clear, empty of any particle

Nose: lime, quince, white pepper, white lilac, a hint soapy detergent, yellow grapefruit, wild herbs like yarrow and common balm; located in between airy freshness and stern herbal accentuated lean fruitfulness

Taste: super crisp, well fit vital acid, lemons (incl. zest and seeds), white pepper, wild herbs, yellow grapfruit, a trace of green melon, rather lime'y appearing mineral character; super dry and gaunt lean whitey with plentiful freshness, vitality and concealed grip; much sterner (or austere) on the palate than in the nose

6:18 pm (the day after - with plenty of delay due to technical issues)

Nose: overall a bit softer within its the confines of its austere character; a slight exotic touch (geeky dragon fruit) and more white pepper evolved as well

Taste: yesterdays impression appears to be as solid as a rock; still austere, fresh and lean, perhaps the lemon zest and seeds are gone, now there are some evolving hints of gooseberries as well; it is reminding me of a super dry and lean Sauvignon Blanc a bit

Plenty of character and the perfect match with light seafood (especially including mussels and crabs) dishes. Kinda decent **** and super crisp stuff, I guess. Maybe for some fellows a bit too stern and dry!? Absolutely not the worst of my recent autochthonous expiriences after all! I enjoyed it ...

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