Happening Now Tasting 8: Weingut Stadt Klingenberg Buntsandstein Spätburgunder 2011, Franken

Today I am thirsty for easy Pinot Noir! For a change, some German stuff will do nicely, I guess! Since 2010, young Benedikt Baltes is in charge of the Pinot (and of course the others) producing process at Weingut Stadt Klingenberg in Churfranken (a Franconian subregion which is predominantly famous for its redsters). The Spätburgunder Buntsandstein, with reference its type of soil – mottled sandstone, is his entry level Pinot Noir. So, let's check out how his 2011 is doing right now ...

6:11 pm (just unscrewed)

Colour: clearly very transparent, very light and a bit unusual orange-red hue, pretty watery corona

Nose: really fresh and delicate nose, scents of slightly warm – slightly boiled - bright red berry fruits (preciseness could be a little bit more evolved), relatively shy and surly cooler seeming rose-hip impressions as well as a very well adjusted smokiness; so far a convincing nose without airs and graces or plenty of demand. Very open!

Taste: at the beginning quite a lot of acid (a sharp and acidulous one), a bit nervous general image, a mostly lean body with average length, compared to the nose far more shy and vague fruitful flavours of bright red berries and a lot of lemon'ish attributes (which seem just a bit boiled, too), I hope the acidulous acid will integrate (I guess I am rather sure); so far a light and lean Pinot with simple structure and no real reasons to get bitchy. I think there some evo potential for the hours ahead!

7:32 pm

Nose: not much of a change here, perhaps a bit more rose-hip and a bit more depth, so far so nice

Taste: the fruit appears to be a bit sherbet'ish right now, the acid is still a bit too lively, but settling (don't get me wrong, I really don't mind proper acid, but it should not be dominating like it did before), the fruit is far more clear and precise at the moment, even the initially absent rose-hip is gaining more and more ground. So far so nice as well ...

8:49 pm

Nose: a bit more charisma and expression, warmer and a sweeter (in a positive way) fruit and a bit less lively freshness

Taste: the acid balance is improving steadily, to the end more warmth and even some slightly noticeable velvety impression, rather pleasing right now, fine finish; still lean type of Pinot – more thrilling structure and body accentuation

6:10 pm (the day after)

Nose: a bit less fruit expression compared to yesterday, still plenty of rose-hip and gentle smokiness, a few traces of pickled cucumbers and some assorted fresh greenery; an overall cool, a bit shy, not really elegant, but surly pleasing nose

Taste: the delicate and clear fruit flavours got more precise, perhaps some evo towards some darker berry fruits, more cool smoke, the acid seems really balanced right now, finish more subtle compared to yesterday; right now a definitely a refreshing and (simply) pleasing Pinot with sensitive characteristics, average depth (which is totally fine)

And what a about the conclusion? Well, first I have got get something off my chest! Sorry, but it was simple too much marketing … whatsoever! Such a humongous pile up of platitudinous descriptive wine related power expressions on the bottle's 290° label was a little bit out of place for my taste (see second photo - I hope you can't read German). I think the actual Buntsandstein Spätburgunder from Bendikt Baltes wasn't that dimwitted to deserve such nonsense! Ohh, what the hell - not that important anyway! The inner values were enjoyable, easy to drink (apart of the mentioned initial acid occupation), a bit very lean and very clean, definitely “soil incorporating” and doubtlessly of decent **** quality! Kinda fun stuff! Good QPR, too. No need to hurry! One little tip: use a smaller glass. My Zalto Burgundy glass was definitely too enormous for this delicate baby.

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