Back to the Eastern Danube: La Sapata Feteasca Regala 2011, Colinele Dobrogei IG

Today’s wine was made from a classical Danube Delta Hills varietal named Feteasca Regala. Presumably a natural hybrid of Kövérszölö and Fetească Alba (White Maiden Grape). The Sapata project is thought to be a Romanian-Italian-Collaboration under the supervision of Di Filippo Azienda Agraria from Umbria. The Romanian estate in Colinele Dobrogei practises organic and biodynamic agriculture. Like the back label taught me: even with “horses for working the soil”. Nice one! Let’s check it out.

The colour seemed to be juvenile and almost maiden like. Very bright yellow and close to some green’ish reflexes. The nose was very floral, highly delicate, lean and pretty fruitful. Same for the taste! At first the wine seemed a bit one-dimensional, however full of lemons and maybe a bit of pine-apples. I might describe its style as very reductive and lean. Later some green herbs with hints of mild honey evolved. The fruit remained the same. The acid seemed very mild and not to vitalizing. In this case there was no real need for a stronger acid. The balance was definitely fine. For me a totally clean, definitely dry and not very complicated or profoundly intellectual or whatsoever wine with nice attributes. In a blind tasting I’d bet digestion system friendly Silvaner Kabinett trocken! Some hours later I’ve spotted more Godello related features!?!

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