Weird-Wursty-Wine: Domain Canet-Valette Antonyme 2011, Saint-Chinian

Today’s wine is from a sort of almost living legend. At least one for Saint-Chinian wine, I guess. So it is nothing really astounding or even unknown. The reason for presenting this one is mostly inspired by the relatively extraordinary aromas which this wine radiated. Oh, I almost forgot to introduce the wine and winemaker. It is the entry level Antonyme 2011 from the Domaine Canet-Valette resp. Marc Valette. As far as I know it is a red blend made of 50% Cinsault and 50% Mourvèdre which was aged in stainless and not sulphurated. So, … :-) it might get interesting!!!

Nothing really amazing about its colour! Pretty tinted and purple. Probably thanks to the Mourvèdre part. The weirdness started with the nose. The bouquet was rather concentrated (at least for this price range), intensely expressive and really wild. I got scents of musky sweating animals, herbs (basil, thyme in combination with green pepper), decent smoke and a whiff of detergent powder. However these impressions were excelled by pretty awkward fragrances from minimally smoked baloney sausages in a sweaty and “not so good” condition. I assume, due to a combination of Cinsault and the “sulphur-thing”! At least the taste wasn’t that influenced by this wursty’ness. It remained a bit in the background. In the foreground I spotted well balanced and seemingly fresh flavours of dark cherries mixed with a few raisins, nice herbal aromas and not so much muskiness. Quite a lot of pleasing, not too complicated, fruitiness and smoothness (the tannins were almost well integrated). Easy structure! Nothing really to bitch about, but nothing extraordinary either! Apart of these already mentioned and highly extraordinary fragrances + some flavours. Maybe they will ease in given time?! Maybe not!? Exiting and possibly nice wine for adventurers! Not for me, ‘cause this baloney-wursty-impression reminded me of a nasty encounter with sausage-sushi a while ago! Ugh!

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