Back to Aotearoa: Black Cottage Pinot Noir 2009, Central Otago

In the past months I repeatedly spotted a couple of interesting bottles with anthracite grey labels from “Little Down-Under”. They made me curious, because I’d never seen them before. I assume they just entered the European market and seemed to be pretty good money spinners. So, good enough to give it a try!

The colour looked crimson red with some unusual pale bronze reflexes. An astoundingly murky and dim colour! The nose showed plenty of long-range perfume, nice and very intense fragrances of ripe strawberries, a bit of cassis, traces of matchsticks, spicy black pepper and a little bit of cherries. Decent impression, but a little bit one-dimensional (strong strawberry) and not enduring. The taste had loads of very ripe and tasty strawberries, hints of dark choco and a smack of jamy’ness (still okay, close shave). To the end a bit green and bitter-stem’y. A really fruitful and slightly hot Pinot with minor alcohol problems. No real earthy-forest-floor-attributes. The length seemed nice, but not special. The balance and concentration were alright. Fortunately a strong fruitful character plus decent acid - without being a fruit bomb! For me a typical NZ Pinot with a few alcohol issues. Unfortunately not a lot of elegance or considerable complexity. Still a decent weekday indulgence!

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