White Floral Douro Spice: Quinta Nova Pomares Douro Branco 2010, Douro

After my last endless blather I’ll cut it short. At least this time! Phew, what a relief! Well, today’s wine is the Pomares Branco from Quinta Nova. It is a white blend composed of the autochtonous varietals Viosinho (well known for light, floral and acidic wines), Gouveio (probably identical to Verdelho Branco, well known for its hearty and stronger in alcohol character + some stronger botrytis tendencies) and Rabigato (other name: Rabo de Gato, or kitten tail, is well known for its muscat’y character and slight tendency to produce wines with high alcohol volume).

The colour of the Pomares branco was green-yellow, showed hints of H2CO3 and a decent amount of particles. The nose impressed me with scents of white flowers, maybe even roses, cantaloupe, green apples, mild Mediterranean herbs + hints of pepper, unripe pears, saplings and rather strong mineral features. Its taste appeared to be very fresh, pretty acidic (in lively and positive sense), pithily (on the second day slightly creamy and more smooth), showed hints of petrol, herbs and green pepper. A very mineral’istic and not all too fruitful white blend. I got fruit flavours of green apples, cantaloupe, maybe some pears and mild green lemon. On the second day the fruitful character gained some ground with slightly tropical flavours and apple’ish tastes. The concentration was very contenting and its finish lasted a longer while. Maybe like a very decently concentrated Vinho Verde. Surly no water-wine! My impression of the alcohol part was … umm, maybe a bit too strong! But surely not dominating! I guess this wine got to be great with typical Portuguese “surf-and-turf” dishes ;-). A very nice bargain for well under a tenner!

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