Wild Tasting-Mix with Teperberg Silver Sangiovese 2009 from Galilee in the Centre of Attention

Well, this time I have plenty of rather different growths on the table. That is why I will limit myself to (hopefully) short tasting notes. Just see for yourselves:

Teperberg Silver Sangiovese 2009, Galilee

This Sangiovese from Galilee was unusually bright red and very radiant. More like a Barbera or Pinot. The nose seemed to be a bit sweet’ish and full of red currant and cherries. Further on I got flavours of red currant, bright cherries and sweet cherry candy (maybe children cough syrup, too) on my palatal. Maybe some slightly heat stressed fruit flavours, hints of boiled fruit and later some caramel attributes, too. Not so many of typical Sangiovese features. In conclusion a rather lean, not very profound, still a bit fresh and very modern seeming wine. Maybe a bit too much of a globalized and uniform style. Uncomplicated and lush drinking, but unfortunately a complicated price!

Umberto Cesari Sangiovese di Romagna Riserva 2004 DOC, Romangna 

The Italian counterpart from Emilia-Romagna was far darker, had slight brown discolourations and high viscosity. Its nose was characterized by scents of wild boars, farm yard, strong smoke (cold incinerated fire place wood), some fresh juniper, dark herbal cherry scents and some nut based chocolate mousse. All these impressions weakened rather quickly. For me, its taste was obviously characterized by earthy, smoky and austere dark cherry fruit flavours. Not to forget a rather surprising, but not too intense herbal influence by juniper. The once very strong tannins and acid were tamed by time. Approximately 3 years ago I still enjoyed very bitchy tannins and very fierce acid ;-). Now it appeared very balanced and almost smooth. Its concentration was not overwhelmingly dense, but very appropriately distinct. Certainly far more typical Sangiovese features. Actually, a pretty classical Sangiovese with austere fruit flavours and straight acid. The taste had more stability. Not like its nose. Still, I’d recommend you to finish off the bottle on the same evening. Maybe slightly over its pinnacle performance!

Avignonesi Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2005 DOCG 

Some addtional Sangiovese for the evening. Unfortunately totally flawed by a vicious cork situation and maybe oxidation (some shrinkage down to the neck of the bottle), too.

Weingut Müller-Catoir Bürgergarten Riesling 2009 Spätlese trocken, Pfalz

Another unfortunate wine! This mid-range Riesling from Müller-Catoir appeared to me as rather one-dimensional, pretty flat and somehow boring. I got flavours and scents of mild and broad lemon and some green herbs. The acid and entire body seemed to retreat into a nice and cosy retirement home. A bit startling for a 2009 Riesling, I guess. Not a bad wine, but for sure nothing impressive. Far too expensive!

Domaine Fournier Pere & Fils Pouilly Fumé VV L'Ancienne Vigne 2004, Pouilly Fumé

This aged Pouilly Fumé had a pretty bright colour (for its age) and showed contenting and still expressive scents of green and yellow fruits (mainly gooseberries and some grass). Slight vomit associations and a more bold style, too. No harm ment! The taste however was totally over-aged and out of balance. I got some hints of gooseberries, some smoke, some well-hung stuff, I guess - but totally out of balance and far too wild and displeasingly edgy.

Coto de Gomariz Abaida de Gomariz 2009, Ribeiro

A Portugese seeming red blend from the north-west of Spain made of Souson, Brancellao, Ferrol and Mencia. This bottle was open for three days. That is why some devinat behaviour might be very realistic. Anyway, I know this wine freshly opend - an let me tell you it is very nice, perhaps slightly austere and full of character. This bottle had a very faint, but fresh looking dark red colour.  Plenty of particles. Its nose was full of dark berries like black currant, some blue berries and plenty of dark cherries. The smoke and "mineral" components tamed over the days. Nevertheless, its taste was very pleasing, showed clear dark berry fruit flavours and appearently gained a whole lot of smoothness over the days. At the moment a freshly opend bottle would be far too full of harsh tannins and austere earthy flavours. Indeed a very recommendable red blend from Portugal, ups ... Spain of course ;-)
Here some more of my impressions about this wine from a tasting in January 2012: 

Very nice, maybe slightly messy, tasting with some unfortunate, but negligible, shadows!


ChezMatze said...

Did you buy the Gomariz at "Burnt Croys, Stootgurt" - like I did? I have decided to keep it in my cellar for a while, since I have the feeling that a top Galician red on its peak is an experience not many winelovers have had in their lifetime. It's about patience. By the way, a while ago I suggested that your brilliant wines-from-the-fringes blog still lacks some Croatian wines (which I don't know at all). Now I am there myself ;) If you're interested, I could take a bottle back to Germany...

Oh Dae-su said...

Nop, at Wein Kreis in Stuttgart and Jep right choice to keep it in your cellar for some time. It is really a great wine, but at the moment freshly opened a bit harshly acidic and full of hard tannins. A mate brought this bottle over, but I got one left in my cellar ;-). I totally agree with you. Galician wines, especially red ones, are much underestimated and do need quite a lot of time to evolve.
Absolutely right! Former Yugoslavia is highly underrepresented on my blog. Apart of Slovenia of course. Maybe it got something to do with my “Plavac-Primitivo-Phobia”!?! I almost never had a pleasing Primtivo in my life. Ups!
Your idea sounds really good! If you can find an interesting one which isn’t that horribly expensive ;-) I am very interested. Thanks for considering! :-)

ChezMatze said...

btw Bernd Kreis is the very same "Burnt Croys" whom I bought my bottle from ;)

My Primitivo experience totally resembles yours, but Italy is in fact a whole wine world that I still have to explore better...

Oh Dae-su said...

Oh Man, "Burnt Croys" now I get it ;-)
Greetings from the sleeping car company!