A true unknow wine region (to me): Ravis Rakvice Ryzlink Vlassky 2008, Morava

As far as I can remember - my first Czech Welschriesling! The material for this wine was grown in South Moravia close to the city of Velké Pavlovice. By far the most important wine growing region in the Czech Republic. The producer Ravis is one of the lager quality wine cellars in the country. A country much more famous for it’s fantastic beer, than for wine. Maybe a mistake!?! Let’s see what I saw in this one.
The colour appeared pretty transparent. I might reckon some yellow a green’ish reflexes. The fragrance was dominated by scents of superglue, weak petrol, some thyme, some melon and certain reminiscences of “breaking wind” experiences. The taste was very light and fresh. The actual concentration seemed to be rather good for a Welschriesling. It was not all too flat, faceless or simply boring. I can spot clear, maybe a bit weak, flavours of grapefruit, lemons and hints of various herbs. As I’ve already mentioned the expression wasn’t that impressive. Well, expressive impression - that has nothing to do with this very wine. For me the typical feature of Welschriesling. Not really boredom, but something close to that ...!  The quality of this wine was fair, but you should not expect something like a Rhine Riesling. Genetically those two varietals have not a lot in common. I think it was a decent piece of white stuff meant for early consumption. I guess one of the best Welschrieslings I ever had!

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