Once more I do sacrifice myself for the sake of turnover: Victory Vineyards Zinfandel Parcel Thirty One 2007

The Zinfandel Parcel Thirty One was composed of 100% Zinfandel grapes from 3 different Californian appellations. Which? I don’t know …

A rather light weight if you are willing to compare this affordable Zin with on of the “big alc monster wines” from various other, and not mentioned, Californian wineries. I would not like to do so. I’d describe this one as medium bodied. I guess I prefer a more lean style in case of Zinfandel wines. The alc wasn’t too influential (13,9% alc). Nice fruit flavours of black currant, plums and black berries were present. Maybe a bit too intense and blunt. Not a lot of oak flavours though. For me a bit too much sweetness, but still in an acceptable way. Zins or Primitivos are a bit more sweet by nature!?! I guess? It wasn't a wine with much character. A bit clumsy and streamlined. Anyway, one of the better Zins I had in my life. Not every Zin can be as good as the ones from Ridge ;-). Fair QPR!

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