Winnica Wieliczka (Agnieszka Wyrobek-Rousseau) Riesling 2016, Wieliczka

I've done it too often! I better won't loose another word about the sudden - and after several months certainly surprising - resurrection of my virtual tongue. My excuse wouldn't be very entertaining anyway. Back to the matter on tongue! One wine of the past months, which I definitely cannot allow to be dropped into the ocean of wine obscurity, is the 2016 Riesling from Agnieszka Wyrobek-Rousseau of Winnica Wieliczka in Poland. Yes, the magic name! Right!? No idea if there is any relation. My Polish is totally inexistent! Who cares?! Well, I did actually! Just the discovery of her existence prior to my journey to Krakow instantaniously triggered my desperate wish to try one of her wines! This resulted in a journey throughout the wine bars of Krakow. And in the end I was successful! I found her 2016 Riesling from the Wieliczka Vineyards. Agnieszka Riesling convinced me with a surprisingly firm body and even more surprising subtle, perhaps not all too ferociously vivid, acid. Its saltyness was rocking my palate. Well, the vinyards are above the enormously famous Wieliczka salt mine after all. Besides all that I got flavours of rather ripe lemons, a whiff of pine-apple, a right portion of elderberry, white pepper, thyme, beautifully shy capers and plenty of other greenery. Its finish was highly impressive. Without any doubt the most impressive wine I ever had from Poland. Okay, okay … I haven't had so many. To me a very decent ***** Riesling with character and potential for the years ahead!

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