Happy New Year: Contratto For England Pas Dosè 2007, Oltrepò Pavese

Happy New Year Everybody!!! With my last sip of this very serious, rather stern appearing and overall wounderfully uptight „For England“ fizz from Contratto south of Asti in Piemonte. Its name „For England“ was influenced by Contratto's main market back in the 1920s. Then most of Contratto's very dry appearing - at least in these days - wines were exported to the United Kingdom and its colonies. Today, the grapes for this sparkling wine were cultivated Oltrepò Pavese region in neighbouring Lombardia. This 2007 was composed from 80 % Pinot Noir and 20 % Chardonnay. It was aged for about four years on yeast in bottle and wasn't indulged with any sweetness at degorgement. Which proved to be the a fine choice. I suggest … let's have this last serious sip!