Happening Now Tasting 19: Bodegas Insulares Tenerife Viña Norte Blanco 2012, Tacoronte-Acentejo

And another premiere on my lil' blog! Wine from the Canary Islands. More precise from Tenerife. This one isn't my first wine from Tenerife. This very basic entry level white one has been produced from grapes of the classical Fino and Manzanilla varietal Palomino – or be a bit more precise – again, Listan Blanco which is the common name for Palomino on the Canary Islands. These Palomino grapes were cultivated on predominately volcanicsoils of D.O.P. Tacoronte-Acentejo northern solpes. I guess, I haven't had too many dry Palomino wines in my life. So probably another premiere! Not sure about that, though!? Let's keep it concise and crisp (hopefully)... and have a good long slurp!

6:24 pm (just opened)

Colour: actually not too pale, clear sliver'ish golden reflexes plus a small amout of tiny particles

Nose: already rather communicative; red apples (maybe a bit mashed), a trace of cinnamon, possible indications of old large oak barrels – possible ones, very mild and not all too clear herbal touch, maybe even some “firey” chacracteristics of the mentioned volcanic soil; so far a lean, fruity, easy and unspectacular nose

Taste: rather fruitful indeed; red apples (plus stems), some pink grapfruit and a hint of rosewater, the relatively short finish seems a bit more influenced by diffuse tart herbs, obvious indications for slight (probably intended) oxidation; so far not all too cunningly subtle, mentionable (I should have known that before) or inspirational, buuut for all that still nicely enjoyable and really easy to drink – not too crisp I am afraid, the acid seems pretty digestable

7:42 pm

Nose: more or less same similar, some hints of powdery detergents

Taste: same here, some more indications of increasing oxidation (surprise!), getting a bit lamer and even shorter – I am afraid, today's choice wasn't the best, anyway still an easy and enjoying wine

9:09 pm Sorry, pretty boring this time! Not really the best choice. Dullness is prevailing I am afraid. Anyway, still - by a margine - a so la-la *** wine, cause there is not so much to complain about. It is just a simple, though well produced, pretty clean, surely not multifaceted rather dry white'y. The steamed mussels I had a few minutes ago are matching quite well. Would not keep it for too long ...

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