Discovery of Soave Part 3: The Epitome of Cru - Pieropan's La Rocca 2012, Soave Classico DOC

Haven't forgot Part 3 of my “Discovery of Soave”! Don't worry! Still in Soave! Still full with 100% Garganega! Still really surprised! However, this time to the out-most. So far, most of my Soaves were in Andante molto mosso or Andante con moto style. The following one had more of good old bonafide Allegro con brio style! Wow, quite a lot of screamers today, right! Anyway, ...! For such an experience I did not even have to leave town! Next to Castello Scaligero on Monte Rocchetta hill in Soave there is a vineyard of prominence and quality: La Rocca! This south west facing, chalk and clay dominated vineyard is situated at 200 to 300 m above sea level. Since the late 1970s the Azienda Vitivinicola Leonildo Pieropan is producing a most of the time very late picked (end of October ) single cru wine from this distinct place in Soave. Today Pieropan belongs to the most renowned and well distributed vintners from Soave. As I've already told you - their “simlple” Soave Classico 2013 was quite fine. La Rocca 2012 was downright spectacular. It conveyed what kind of quality can be won out of the Garganega grape …

The La Rocca had a surprisingly lush and vibrant deep yellow colour. Especially for such a juvenile wine. Its nose showed plenty of elegant, not very elaborate, smokey characteristics, buckets full of dried green herbs and even more intense ripe fruit scents of cantaloup, lemon (pretty ripe, including its zest), some elderberry and a few nasal signs of mangoes. Some relatively shy, in respect of its bold and powerful character, fragrances of white flowers (maybe some elder, too) provided the bouquet with a certain nuance of aristocracy and airyness which I very much enjoyed. The taste of the La Rocca 2012 was dense, enormously beefy - for a Soave wine - and showed a lot of characterful ripe fruit flavours (however, not overripe or jamy - for that the overall character was far too stern) of mango, cantaloup, lemon zest as wwell as plenty of typical spicy resinous flavours. The latter were pronounced, but absolutely not obtrusive. All those mentioned aromas corresponded very well with some light creaminess, a suavely acid proportion and its own, even for Soave, herbal spiciness. Its structure was very much interwoven and balanced. There was a lot of vivacious energy to this wine with a lot of thrilling vibrato and impressive length. Well, as I wrote Allegro con brio! Surely a rather bold and powerful wine, not just for Soave standards, however with a great flow and easy going intellectual stimulus ;-). Close to fantastic. Perhaps in some years. Right now doubtlessly a very decent ***** Soave!

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