Red Nostalgia? Katarzyna Estate Halla Merlot 2009, Горнотракийска низина

Cyrillic isn’t my strong suite. That is probably why I can’t offer you guys a lot of information about the winery or the wine. The producer seems to be very big (so far I’ve counted 18 different labels), highly modern, probably very interested in the overseas markets, but hasn't got an English website.

The colour was dark, opaque and emanated a virginal dark-red glow. The nose showed typical Merlot herbs, a lot of super juicy dark red cherries, some rugged bitumen fragrances, a bit of fruitful rum and a few diffuse roasting agents. All in all a very velvety smooth, slightly over fruited and ingratiating bouquet. Neither good nor bad – acceptable might be the correct term. The taste was very juicy (not in a bad sense), fruitful and for a “bitter” person like me a little bit too sweet at the base of the palate. In the background there were minimal aromas of earth, usual Merlot herbs and to the finish some bitter’ish impressions. Later, after 3 to 4 hours, I seemed to taste aromas of coconut shell (perhaps a bit too much oak influence) and aged liquorice. The texture appeared very Merlot’y smooth, almost tannin’less and rather constructed, but it wasn't as bad as it might sound. A very modern and mass suitable wine of a almost decent quality. Not really full of suspense, but not a bad wine either. For this kind of money and not too high expectations definitely worth to consider!

My cheeky and assumptive headline question can’t be verified. Marketing driven red nostalgia might nail it ;-). Not more! Anyway, the red star on the lable results from the location of the actual vineyard. This is located on the “No man’s land” (interesting similarity to Damianitza Estate) close to a former border patrol station between communist Bulgaria and Greece.

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