Into the Blue: Txakoli Ulacia Izaro 2011, Getariako Txakolina

Today I got a very crisp and fruitful Basque whitey for a change. Its origin is the young and approx. 147 hectares small Getariako Txakolina D.O. a bit east of San Sebastian. The Izaro is a 100%   Hondarribi Zuri based wine. An autochthonous Basque varietal which is well know for being the white brother of Hondarribi Beltza. Another auto' varietal which is considered to be highly related to Cabernet Franc. Who was there first? Dunno! Zuri however seems to be a pedigree Basque varietal (apparently close relations to the wild varietal Makatza).

The colour of the Izaro was very bright. More precise: very close to colourless and totally transparent. Almost like water with a minor hue of yellow (no green reflexes). Besides that I spotted a few very fine Tximparta bubbles (sometimes not such a good sign!). The nose was intensely fruitful and highly vivid. I got fragrances of lime, a bit unripe lemons, freshly cut branches, sea salt, a few seaweeds and mild petrol. I might describe it as a very expressive and absolutely not boring bouquet! The rather strong and lively acid provided the Izaro with boatloads of crisp life! Futhermore I tasted plenty of lime, lemon and green rose-apple (really?) flavours. A nice portion of assorted green herbs (more northern European ones) and hints of woodruff sherbet (Ugh!), too. All in all a lean, fresh, a bit snappy and quiet determinant white wine. Interesting structure and decent length. Not a really a dry fellow! I got a little bit of residual sugar. Surely interesting, not trivial and recommendable stuff!

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