Pinot Again...? Miolo Pinot Noir Fortaleza do Seival 2007, Fronteira

Today’s Pinot was produced by Miolo Vinicola. One of the big wine producers of Brazil. This specific wine comes from Fronteira region alongside the border to Uruguay. More precisely: from Fronteira in Rio Grande do Sul. The Sevial winery is about 120 ha large and concentrates on the cultivation of French and Portuguese varietals. Today’s wine was produced from manual harvested grapes (Wow!) and was aged in used French and American barrels.

The colour looked aged and murky. Clear red-brown discolourations! In the core still rather dark and tinted. The bouquet was dominated by plums, a bit coffee, a bit fat and flat raspberries, hints of smoke and other dark and a bit oily components. To the end (approx. 5 hours) heavily crushed cherries got more and more obvious. The presents seemed a bit bored and not so much swinging. The taste appeared to me well proportionate, a bit delicate and decently fine. With regards to its actual style! Maybe even a bit elegant and reserved fruitful! However the fruit flavours were a little bit disappointing. The flavours of raspberries, hints of muddy dark cherries and coffee seemed a bit vague (or imprecise), not too clean and somehow without a lot of life. Those flavours were present, but somehow absent as well. Probably a bit confusing ;-). Perhaps some acid issues. The quality and kind of acid. Not the quantity. Don’t really know. The finish was nice and there was nothing to complain about the concentration. Probably a bit past its peak. For 9 Euro surly fine! However, my first Brazilian Pinot was most definitely better!

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