Donkey Delivery: Vinarija Dingač Vinogorje Pelješac 2009, Pelješac

Well, today I am not really sure where to start. Maybe with a word of advice: If you intend to buy relatively exotic wines from not so wine-popular countries it is always a good idea to know a few words of the local language. In today’s case the word “polusuho“ would have been pretty handy! Meaning: off-dry! Whatever, this little cute donkey wine comes from the very south of Dalmatia. More precisely from Pelješko vinogorje. As far as I could find out this wine is supposed to be the little and lighter brother of the famous Dingač (a 100% Mali Plavac). So that is enough, let’s keep it short:

Already clear discolourations on the rim of the glass. I got slightly brown-red-watery reflexes. The rest was vermilion red and had a lot of transparency. Not so much of a “little blue one” (= Mali Plavac). The nose seemed highly influenced by raisins, sweet’ish appearing smoke, plums, a couple of distressed and sweet strawberries and a few burnt fragrances. I might describe it as a rather simple and unattractive nose impression. The taste was quite sweet, not repulsively sweet, but not too far away from it! I got flavours of plum x strawberry marmalade, rum chocolate, hints of tobacco and dry bright brown earth. The body seemed not that bad. Same for the actual structure. Unfortunately the rest was dominated by mawkish sweet reserve sweetness and plenty of dumpiness. Consumable it was, but not more! Downright questionable QPR! Sorry little donkey!

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