Truely European Wine: Fellbacher Weingärtner / University of Pécs Partnerschafts-Cuvée Rot 2009, European Union

Well, today we are entering the Bizzaro-Zone. Last week, in a local supermarket (with a relatively nice wine selection) I spotted something I never deliberately or voluntarily had in my life. A red blend officially made of grapes resp. base wines from two different countries. From Pécs Region in Hungary: Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc. From Fellbach in Württemberg Region in Germany: Lemberger and Cabernet Dorio (a modern hybrid of Cabernet Sauvignon x Dornfelder). Apparently it is suppose to be a wine to mark the 25th anniversary of the Pécs-Fellbach town-twinning. Created was this blend by the Institute of Viticulture and Enology at the University of Horticulture and Food Industry in Pécs and the Fellbacher Weingärtner (a pretty large cooperative wine producer in Württemberg Region). The bottling itself took place in Fellbach. The wine is declared as: “Wein aus der der Europäischen Gemeinschaft" (for you German speakers out there; I guess the double “der” on the label was just a misprint). Enough blathering! I really can’t tell you more about this creation, because there wasn’t all too much input on the web.

Now the important stuff. The tasting note! The colour seemed rather young and fresh, pretty dark - but still some transparency left. The nose showed hints of raisins, fruit scents of Amarena Cherries, bleak and presumptive strong bitterness, some herbal extract and later features which reminded me of Grenache based growths (?). The taste was quite bitter and stern. I got flavours of herbs, dark earth, sheer smoke, a bit too much oak, almond skin and more of undefined nutty’ness. Okay there was some fruit (slightly sweet Amarena Cherries and hints of assorted red berries), but the balance was at least questionable (too young or not, did not really matter). At least for me! On second day there wasn’t much change! Here and there maybe some aromas of strongly bitter choco and a bit more fruit components. I guess it was probably a bit too young! If you are interested in this blended international fellow, I may be so bold to advise you to wait for one, two or three more years. I think, in some moments I was under the impression to drink a relatively densely concentrated Dornfelder from Pfalz or Württemberg. Maybe hybrid supremacy!?! Another reason to be a bit reluctant!
Oh, one more thing: Rumour has it that Mr Orbán, the frightfully popular and right honourable PM of Hungary, enjoyed this wine very much. No comment about that! I did not really enjoy it, although traces of certain quality where extant.

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