Supermarket Sweep Part 2: Grammy Collection Corporation Kindzmarauli Saperavi 2009, Kakheti

For this part of Supermarket Sweep I brought you a Saperavi, the King of Georgian varietals, from Kakheti Region presented by my Lil' Russian Supermarket round the corner.

As usual, for Saperavi, the colour of today’s wine was dense, dark, thick, murky and very purple’ish! The nose seemed a bit acidic, fully of boiled dark fruits like plums and black currant, gingerbread, dirty smoke, some light resemblances of raspberries and full loaded of an overall crude and reserved stinky farm yard undertone. Not really in a negative sense! The taste was too acidic and showed some not all too precise and clear flavours of plums and raspberries. The fruit flavours were a bit austere and bitter, but right before they entered the throat they seemed to ejaculate a repellent sweet kitsch impression. A rather imbalanced wine with not so much of a mentionable finish! Thanks to the nose, the low price and the limited drinkability - somehow still consumable! I surely had far better Saperavi based wines! Maybe not the best representative of this truly interesting and sometimes grand varietal! The first one on my Blog was a totally different story!

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