Southern Pinot: Domaine de la Colombette Pinot Noir 2010, Coteaux du Libron

Well, this time I really don't want to waste too many words. This Pinot from Coteaux du Libron was an experimental purchase. Unfortunately not a very successful one ...

Somehow it was like all the other Languedoc Pinots I had so far. Pretty dull, weak, crude and disappointing. The nose showed very green’ish and stinky barn fragrances. Some bananas and some rose-hip, too. Surely not a lot of expression and life. I really could not spot real Pinot resemblances. The taste seemed rather acidic, somehow constructed and slightly sweet. Not a lot of excitement and depth. OK, to be fair: It wasn’t an expensive wine! Just 7 Euros. But still …! After a couple of hours I spotted some mediocre flavours of rose-hip and bright coloured sweet cherries. The concentration was okay, not really thin, but still a pretty bovine and a bit sleepy Pinot Noir. Sorry, not my cup of wine!

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