Profoundly Pleasurable Pear Potation: Eric Bordelet Poiré Granit Grand Cru 2011, Normandie

Slightly inspired by Hendrik Thoma's new Wine Blog "Wein am Limit" I most certainly had to give this pear juice a chance. Personally I am not so much into Cider, but this stuff bewitched me with its overwhelming qualities right from the first sip. Eric Bordelet, a once well known sommelier, created this Poiré Granit from pears of very old trees (up to 300 years old) in the South of Normandy. His apples (approx. 20 varietals) and pears (approx. 15 varietals) were cultivated according to bio-dynamic principles, were hand picked and were dehydrated for 3 to 5 weeks before pressing. Natural fermentation, gently low alcohol (in this case 3,5% Vol.) and a clear "Non" to chaptalisation are self-evident for Bordelet. Enough! Now, Wine! …Um … Poiré of course:

In my glass I saw a luscious and lively golden yellow colour just like from a beautiful BdB Champagne. However the mousse on the top looked a bit different. It was longer lasting and compared to a fizz far more dense. The bubbles were not that intense and strong. Three or four times I was under the impression of Braille structure bubbles. Strange! Whatever! The nose showed a profound and intense potpourri of pear fragrances, pastry, a chalky mineral touch and hints of baked apple. A very intensive, fruitful and long lasting nose impression! The mousse showed elegance and mouth-filling qualities, but wasn’t acutely that strong. The taste was totally dominated by a fantastic butt load of pear’ish aromas. The fruit was so ineffably gripping and strong … WOW! Besides the fruit I might have discovered some hints of herbs, maybe caramel pastry and ripe-red apples. The  acid was hyper lively and provided this Poiré with an (drink) animating freshness. Compared to a very decent wine the complexity might have been a bit limited, but the overwhelming and intense fruit combined with its sublime as well as distinct/profound character made me go mental ;-)! High-End Pear Juice at its best! MOOOOOOORE PLEEEEASE!!!

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