Supermarket Sweep Part 1: Driada (ICS Suvorov Vin S.R.L.) Tamianca N.V., South-Eastern Moldova

In commemoration of my childhood's most liked game-show [Ups! Yeah Baby, I admit it ;-)] : it is „Supermarket Sweep“ time!

Well you guys probably can imagine which shelf would have been my favourite one! Enough of this wishful nostalgic blather! 
In the coming weeks I intent to have a couple of Supermarket wines! More specific: Eastern European Supermarket wines. Therefore, I paid a little visit to a small, but rather fine Russian supermarket over here in Teutonia! Let’s sweep this Russian Supermarket and see what the outcome will be:

My first Eastern European Supermarket Sweep Wine (EESSW) comes from Moldavia. Famous for its gigantic wine cellars and rich wine history. To be honest I haven’t got a lot of clues about the local wine business or the autochthonous varietals from over there. The same counts for the following wine: Driada (ICS Suvorov Vin S.R.L.) Tamianca N.V. Apart from the 11% Alc info ... Nothing!

The colour looked like cleared apple juice (dark yellow). The nose seemed oxidative, definitely not oxidized! I got strong nutty and Sherry-like scents and maybe here and there some aged lemon. The taste had a strong oxidative character as well. I got pretty creamy and nutty flavours (not very presise, a bit rustic and untidy). Surprisingly fresh lemon and herbal flavours! The sweetness of this wine was rather exhausting, but still acceptable. The lively acid provided the wine with a nice freshness and somehow lightness. This wine is definitely nothing I'd prefer on a summer evening, but it is not that horribly bad. For people with a preference for very sweet and uncomplicated wines - it might be a delight to consume. Sorry surely no "King of Wine" - like the label implies! That is a bit too much ...
My advice: No overconsumption – definitely a headache wine ;-)
Side information: This amphora-like-bottle had the shortest and slimmest cork I have ever seen!

PS: If you don’t know this semi-psychedelic-capitalist-highlight of early 1990s TV entertainment – here I got some input for you! ;-)

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