B.L.K. Cup 2012 (Part 1): Heimann Kékfrankos Baranya-Völgy 2008, Szekszárd + Two

In context of the still running Tasting-Week on dasweinforum.de I had / will have a couple of Blaufänkisch/Lemberger/Kékfrankos (B.L.K.) based wines. Those wines will come from their “original (not all too definite where this varietal originally comes from – maybe even from today’s West-Ukraine!?!)” viticulture areas in Austria, Germany and Hungry. Today I will start with the Hungarian representative:

Heimann Kékfrankos Baranya-Völgy 2008, Szekszárd

The grapes for my first B.L.K. come from Szekszárd area right between Budapest and Villány in the Central-South of Hungary. The producer is definitely one of the most famous names on the Hungarian red wine firmament. A producer rather well known for its reasonable priced and reliable products. What else to know? Apparently the B.L.K. vines are about 40 years old and the juice aged in oak for approx. 18 months (I guess! My Hungarian is a bit rusty).

Its colour seemed to me very regular and typical. Rather dark red with vibrant sparkles. Very classic nose as well. I got plenty impressions of black currant and blueberries, mild black pepper, a lot of tart liquorice scents, dark smoke. Here and there some cow-stable-potpourri, too. More “Classics” on the palatal arch. Once again very lively black currant and blueberry flavours. Maybe some dark cherries, too. Besides that typical almond (tart) flavours, slight oak influence, mild smoke and not too much depth and "mineral" character. The concentration seemed to me as very appropriate and not as weak as one might expect it from such a reasonable priced wine. The acid was stern, but absolutely not ultraunusual for a B.L.K. Later it eased a bit and got accompanied by decent flavours of high-percentage-dark-choco. I really think I enjoyed this wine very much. It wasn’t a fantastically intriguing representative for B.L.K., but it seemed to me as a very well produced down-to-earth, with pretty impressive flavour pattern, B.L.K. Hard to get something comparable for well under 10 Euros from Austria or Germany. 
Nice one!

To be continued with ...

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