Rustic Madiran from the Southern Hemisphere: Pisano Tannat RPF 2007, Progreseo

Today I might got the incarnation of Uru wine for you people out there. It is Tannat from Bodegas Pisano. Maybe the internationally most famous winery from Uruguay with their most famous and prestigious wine: the Tannat Reserva Personal de la Familia 2007. Tannat, originally from Madiran region in the south-west of France, was brought to Uruguay by Basque immigrants in the late 1870s. These rather traditional routes and style is still noticeable in today’s wine. 

The colour was murky dark red-blue and had plenty of particles with the splendid ability to give your teeth a healthy looking black-blue clouring. Just like a vicious, but delightful, Chateau Montus. The nose appeared to me pretty reserved. I got hints of bramble, cassis, dark rustic smoke, slightly old espresso powder, some liquorice, black pepper and dark mineral’ish earth. The taste had a lot of good old continental style. It was very smoky, showed a lot of bittersweet choco, some morels, some spicy mushroom pat√©, the already old Espresso powder again, quite a lot of wet dirt and some reserved fruitful flavours of bramble and hints of cassis. Sweet American oak flavours and pretty robust tannins weren’t deniable either. It certainly was a robust, rough, hard and male’ish butch wine. Maybe not as wonderfully vicious as a Montus or a Chapelle Lenclos, but pretty reliable viciousness anyway.  I guess it might match perfectly with an unhealthy amount of grilled beef.
By the way, the teeth looked fantastic afterwards.

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