Rustic Blend from Motherland: Domaine Bonnard Bourgogne Passtoutgrain 2006, Bourgogne

Back on our thriving planet after my joyful gastro-enteritis absence I decided to have rustic pig trough juice. Maybe!?! Okay, I know Bourgogne isn’t such an undiscovered country like I planned to find (and always fail). Maybe Passetoutgrain isn’t that well known, and definitely not that respected, anyway. I guess for people outside France it isn’t that easy to find an acceptable Passetotugrain. Maybe inside France as well ;-)! Most of these blended wines are thin, super rustic, acidic, faceless and simply cheap in every sense.

The colour B-PTG was very dark red and slightly brown on the rim. Its fragrance was dominated by typical Gamay attributes. I smelled rubber, smoke, assorted barn odours and brown shoe polish. OK some hints of cherries and even less undergrowth hid in the back most corner of my glass. The taste was very fresh and not that sleepy as I thought it might be. Amazing for this age! I taste austere and rustic flavours of smoke, mild fruits - like cassis -, rubber and very astounding aromas of Virginia tobacco. It was almost like drinking a Chesterfield cigarette. The acid was pretty strong, a bit too strong, but at least the animal like impressions weren't that strong and overwhelming. I might guess the actual taste wasn’t dominated by the Gamay part. Lucky me, cause this very varietal isn’t one of my big buddies. In conclusion: nice, drinkable and full of character B-PTG.

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