GOC: Bouwland Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2007, Stellenbosch

Definitely no discovery! Definitely not astounding! Definitely not overwhelming! But still noteworthy and in its own way - beautiful! But not too elaborate or excessive wine blather, pls.! And without further exclamation marks. Promise ! (Arrggh, agaain ...)

Nose: plenty of clear Cabernet Sauvignon features like black pepper, aged red paprika, not so uncountable herbal Merlot spices

Taste: dry as a bone, no alleged New World S…, really good balance of CabSau and Merl holdings, certain and catchy freshness, pretty butch, no bitch, but very accessible, easy too drink (in a positive sense), very good and balanced alc. punch. Yeah, no prob to get decently pissed.

In conclusion: not an individualist, not too much character, plenty of reliability and presumed meat-and-potatoe honesty.
Really Good and Ordinary Claret in classical modern style ;-) for less than eight Euros! (Ups, exclamation mark)

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