The second Big Fish from Bekaa Valley: Chateau Kefraya 2000, Bekaa Valley

Chateau Kefraya was established in 1946 by Michel de Bustros a wealthy banker and wine lover. But it took until 1979, right in the middle of the civil war, that the winery started to produce respectable and interesting wines. Nowadays it is probably the most famous regional counterpart to the most renowned Lebanese wines from Chateau Musar. The grapes for today’s red blend were cultivated in the famous Bekaa Valley at an elevation of 900 to 1100 metres above sea level. It is a composition of the very classical French varietals, maybe not in that combination, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Syrah, Mourvedre and Grenache.

In my glass I saw a very dark and almost thick black-red soup. Not the strongest sunbeam can penetrate the transparent goblet. The fragrances I fetched were very earthy, rather warm, slightly chocolaty and full of dried fruits like plums and cherries. Then, I already sensed a bit too much alcohol. The taste was very strong, full bodied and dense. I got flavours of stressed and sweet’ish plums as well as a few cherries. Further more a bit of dark berry marmalade, a potpourri of dried fruits, medium vanilla, hints of smoke, some earthiness and a decent proportion of regional spices. Unfortunately the high alcohol couldn’t disguise itself anymore. Although only 14% are indicated on the bottle! 

Overall this wine appeared to have a very warm character. For me it was a bit too sweet, streamlined and “modern” in its own way. I think you cannot compare it with the grand cuvee of Chateau Musar. From my point of view Chateau Musar was and is a totally different story. By far not that influenced by modern trends and standards like this Chateau Kefraya blend. Nevertheless a pretty enjoyable wine with plenty of power and strength! The typicity appeared to be pretty much Middle-Eastern as well. About the drinkability: Don’t worry, there is still enough power in the bottle. But I can't see any reason to hold it either. One last advice: Beware! A lot of depot will be in the bottle!

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