Hot Stuff from Sweden: Vinfabriken Smålandsglögg

I am ashamed of myself! How the hell can I do that? Glogg! Actually drinking glogg! I am shocked about what am I am willing to do for this blog. Pure heroism (or madness) I guess! ;-)
Well, at least is not a normal glogg. It comes from Sweden and is alarmingly steep (for glogg). The ingredients are all from Småland. A very picturesque and rural area in the South of Sweden. Beside its good reputation for fruit, Småland is also well known from the famous Astrid Lindgren novels. This "wine" is produced from black currant (svart vinbär) and cranberries (lingon) and got 11% alc. The condiments are cinnamon, apples and cloves.
The smell wasn’t distinctly definable. Like all gloggs. I guess. I got some boiled plums and cranberries, maybe some brandy punch, some shoe polish and quite a lot of spices. The taste was enjoyable in its own way. Now I am really shocked! I never liked stuff like this. But there we got something. I got fresh (very astounding) fruitful flavours of black currant and cranberry. Clear and surely not overpowered condiment aromas. There might have been some earthiness, spiciness (black pepper) and smoke, too. The best of all it wasn’t that sweet. Certainly, there was a certain amount of sweetness, but I didn’t get any artificial or superimposed impressions or vibes. In a rather mysterious way it gave me a rather relaxed feeling. Of course the heat. Buuuut I didn't get nauseous, which I normally "enjoy" from the comsuption of glogg. I am pretty sure I was able to taste some “Emil i Lönneberga” winter atmo in this Glögg ;-). Of course it was no real wine, but maybe the best glogg I ever had. Amazing, now I am not that appalled by myself anymore! Puuhhhhh ....

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