Some Sparkling Stuff from the East: Pinot Fran 2005, Novyj Svet, Crimea

Novyj Svet is the name of a Crimean city as well as the most famous high quality sparkling wine producer in the Ukraine. The winery itself was established in the late 19th century by Prince Golitsyn. One of the most famous doyens of the Russian/Ukrainian wine business. Apparently a hundred years ago the reputation of the winery wasn't that bad. Besides the Russian Royal Family, Novyi Svet wines were highly regarded in circles of wine connoisseurs all over Europe. Today Novyi Svit produces its sparklings by the traditional champagne method. All wines are composed of the "Champange 3" varietals. Unfortunatly the bulk is produced as demi-sec sparklings. However not this one! The Pinot Fran (Pinot Noir) is a Brut sparkling. Fermented in oak barrels and aged for three years in the bottle. For sure a very interesting fizz! Unfortunately I do not have a lot of experience with Ukrainian wine. This one got a pretty strong body, gentle oak nuances, well aged and nicely developed fruit flavours. Rather manly, a bit rustic, fresh and lively. Very impressive mousse. Elegance isn't lacking either. If you ever got the chance to try it, I'd suggest: go for it. Grab for the silver lable, sorry can't read Cyrillic letters ;-), – it’s the Brut!

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