From the origins of wine: Kakhuri Napareuli 2005, Georgia

A wine I simply do have to mention on this blog. I had this in late September. Unfortunately my experience with Georgian wine is less than just limited. Beside this one, I might have tried another handful of reds at various occasions. As far as I know the Kakhuri Winery is one of the better producers in Napareuli/Kakheti region in the East of Georgia. The wine was made of the Saperavi grape. Apparently one of the classier and well ageing autochthonous varietals of Eastern Europe. It was aged in small oak hogsheads for 12 months.

Its colour was black purple. Almost no reflexes of whatsoever. Very tinted! Its nose and taste impressed with a rather unique potpourri of flavours. I got a lot of fruitful aromas of plums, dark berries, like huckleberry and black currant, and rather spicy herbal flavours of pepper, thyme, rosemary and strangely a bit of cinnamon as well. Its length was fine. The concentration was medium and the acid appeared to be a bit mild, but still sufficient. It was surely dry, which wasn’t natural for this kind of wine. The complexity was tangible and comprehensible. Something thrilling and worthy to try! Definitely not dull! Whilst we are on the subject. I know this winery has even more complex and more concentrated wines made of the Saperavi grape. These ones are most definitely interesting as well. Unfortunately they are amazingly expensive ..... for a Georgian wine!

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