Game Over!

It's enough! One year of contiuing missons to explore strange new wine worlds, to seek out new wines and new old wine traditions have been enough! My succsses was limited and not really illuminating! The Winefleet Command is sick of my sloppy and incompetent reports and so am I. Okay, enough of this embarissing, but justified auto-critisism!

Despite everything, there have been some nice discoveries, of course just personal ones, like those Oregon Pinots or some of those equally interesting Australian Pinots like the Bastard Hill or the often varying Lusitanian Autos' or a fantastic Sake or even those Crisp Whities from the West of Spain.
For a better overview I have taken the liberty to summerize the noteworthy wines: 

Unfortunately the celestial (********) growths were too metaphysically busy and did not reveal themselves to my worthless palatal! The semi-celestial (*******) were downright limited. The fantastic (******) wines were a few. The very decent (*****) wines danced on my palatal on numerous occasions and the decent (****) ones showed plenty! The rest has the right to be forgotten!

Thanks to everyone for reading some of the mostly pretty dumb post of this little project. Bye!

By the way, you guys out there on the internet shouldn't be too happy about the termination of this what-so-ever-it-was. From December 2012 another, probably more conventional and maybe even a bit boring wine blog project, with a little bit more established material and maybe some occasional relapses into old adventurous habits will try to come to life! Right here! 

It's just like Frank, Sarah, Toni, Vic, The Sisko and all the others sung:
"The best is yet to come ..." ;-)

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