Indigenous Softy: Chiao Kuo Basil Seed Drink with Honey, Taiwan

On an early Sunday morning it might be better to grab for something without alcohol. Maybe!?! I guess. Whatever … today it shalt be like that! Right now I am having a “classic” Chinese soft drink. A basil seed drink with honey!!! It simply consists of water (46%), basil seeds (40%), sugar (13%) and hints of banana and honey.

How it looks? See for yourself on the second photo :-)! Great! The nose does appear to be not as remarkable and impressing as its looks. I can smell scents of banana, honey, hints of milk and some green-black herbal sediment. Maybe the basil seeds!?! The taste itself wasn't a highlight. I can taste mono flavours of green'ish bananas, honey, some lemon impressions, maybe some dragon fruit and again tiny hints of herbal flavours (basil seeds?). Well it does not taste like some herbal medic drink at all. I was slightly afraid of that. Fortunately it wasn't very sweet or repulsively artificial either.So far so dull'y good.
The climax of this drink was not the taste. As I mentioned earlier. It was its consistence or texture or however you want to call this expirience. It feels like feebly-gelatinous liquid caviar (without its taste). Surly it will provide you with a almost overwhelming mouth-full-feeling. It will make you wanna pop the bubbles again and again… Astoundingly great stuff !

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