An energetic Briton: Firefly Natural Energy Britannia

Recently I had this little energetic Briton. I don’t even know if it is famous, successful or whatsoever. I have never seen it before. So I tried it out!

As far as I know it is supposed to be an energy drink and after drinking, it will make you sing “Jerusalem”. Well, let’s find out if there is any truth in that.
Well people, the colour looks more like sewage water. But the colour of a beverage isn’t of particular importance to me anyway. I might recommend: Drink it from the bottle so you can't see it! The nose came on very natural. No obvious artificial scents like from comparable products with bulls or horses on the can. An overall very fruitful, fresh, diverse and lean nose! The taste appeared to be very lively, fresh, maybe energizing. I don’t know about the last aspect. Amazingly I couldn't spot the different fruit juices or lemonades. The lime and lemon share gave the freshness and the apple, raspberry and grape juice provided the drink with a certain backbone. I did not get too much of blackberry flavours nor  feelings of artificial ingredients or flavours or double plus sweeteners. I guess I like this beverage. Far more than the famous Austro-Thai product or most other energy drinks. The price seems to be the same. Approx. £ 1.50

And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England’s mountains.....:-)

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