Wine free Thursday: Gudang Garam, Indonesia

This time no wine. Sorry! But don’t worry. It might remain an interesting post. Today I got one of the most famous Kretek (clove flavoured) cigarette brands form Indonesia for you. Name: Gudang Garam (translated: salt warehouse) which is produced by an Indonesian-Taiwanese tobacco company named Gudang Gram.

Instantaneously after opening the package straight and intense scents of cloves were crawling up my conk. The tobacco got problems to withstand this powerful and almost irritating odour. After lighting the cigarette some rather delicate and not too overpowered flavours of cloves, slight tar, well proportionated sweet tobacco flavours and hearty herbs were conquering my heart and soul. Oh hell ...! Ok it’s been a while since my last fag. The flavour appeared to be very well balanced and the actual nicotine wasn’t really tangible. The best was the very unique sizzling noise of the burning tobacco. Definitely something for curious smokers!
In combination with a fantastically fine composed art exhibition at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart where masterpieces of W. M. Turner were accompanied by the intriguing talent of Monet and Twombly, this was a very fine morning start into the mid-week ;-)

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