Just some juice for today: Master Kong's Daily C White Grape Juice

Thanks to a joyful gastro-enteritis I am reasonable enough to stick to an alcohol free beverage. But just this time! To be more specific: grape juice! White Grape Juice from the PRC. I hope it won’t be like my last rice wine adventure ;-)

The colour was bright yellow-greenish and the nose impressed me very straight fruitful grape’y fragrances, some pretty intensive jasmine tea and some musty tendencies, which weren't, ahh well whatever ... . The taste was rather strong and direct. Very grape’y again. Unfortunately I can’t tell you which kind of grapes were used. My knowledge of H√†nzi is limited to expressions like: wine, whiskey, painkillers and toilet facility indications. Beside the grape’y tendencies I even tasted traces of white flowers, maybe some very mild green tea and an overall fresh and “not too thin” impression. Surely not faceless either. To be honest I was very happy about the fact that this Chinese beverage wasn’t that frightfully sweet like quite a lot of comparable examples :-). One very big minus though, too many E Numbers (a European Food Additive Standard). Drinkable stuff!


ChezMatze said...

You won't believe it (well, in fact you will) but I've already tried no less than 16 different soft drinks over here. Most were fairly sweet, but - embarrassing to admit - the ones that lacked a certain touch of sweet fruitiness seemed a bit boring to me. The best so far was "Ivy Rosella". To be continued... ;) My first comment on your blog - and such a profound one :)

Oh Dae-su said...

Fantastic! Even soft drinks deserve comments ;-)
To be honest my experience with East-Asian soft drinks is very limited. I guess I am more of a water guy. I was really surprised about the non-(too)-sweet style of Master Kong. Though after the digestive process I seemed to experience a rather delicate bladder evacuation with very unusual fragrances! I don’t want to know what that might have been ;-)
I will try to remember "Ivy Rosella". In June or July I’ll be in South-East-Asia for some weeks.