A weekend in the Hamptons: Wölffer Estate The Hamptons Reserve Merlot 2002, Long Island NY

Let’s have a weekend in the Hamptons. I guess this wine from the Hamptons has the potential to provide you with a little bit of weekend’ish feelings. It is a Merlot from one of the best know wine growers in New York state. Wöllfer Estate is situated next to Poxabogue Pond in Sagaponack. The winery is run by Roman Roth a gifted winemaker and native Swabian. The grapes for this Merlot came from three different blocks in Sagaponack. Its ageing period wasn’t that extensive. Approx. 12 months in mainly used oak had to do it. And it did - very well.

This was my first wine from Long Island. For the second time so far! I am pretty amazed that you can produce wine on such a hyper expensive soil and still manage to maintain a reasonable pricing. This Merlot Reserve cost approx. 13 Euro. A striking bargain! It showed a very classical, dry, elegant, chocolate’y, blueberry dominated, not over oaked or over fruited character. I might have sensed some freshness and minerality as well. The complexity and strength were very well set. Not too strong! A very joyful and cheering balance I might say. Of course it was smooth, like most Merlots, but it was able to show the typical herbal flavours of classical Merlot wine from Libournais, too. Certainly I would not like to compare this wine with Bordeaux Merlot. It had its own individual characteristics. Just like many Merlots from Bordeaux. There is simply no need for a detailed comparative study. After that experience I am planning to try out more of New York State stuff. Very Good quality! I guess two years ago it was a little bit better. I suggest: Now is a good time to decimate your stocks!

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