Today nothing to drink for a change! More something juicy to watch: Blood into Wine by Ryan Page & Christopher Pomerenke

Did you ever hear of wine from Arizona? No? Well, there we got something in common. A relatively new documentary feature healed me from this wine shortcoming in terms of the Grand Canyon State. Its name? Blood into wine! This entertaining documentary tells the interesting, amusing and eso-mystical wine story of the Maynard James Keenan. Front man for well know bands like Tool or Puscifer. The centre of the story shows the unusual struggles of winegrowing in extreme climates, the true passion for a wonderful beverage and some mash ups with the music scene. This and some other information is brought to the audience in a rather humorous, maybe slightly weird (which is of course the best way to approach such an topic), way. Very nice cinematographical work, too. Some really outstanding landscape pictures!  

In my opinion a pretty entertaining and funny documentary! The “knowledge-gain-potential” might be a bit weak, but what the heck! I don’t think this is the main intention of the movie. My only real problem with this picture is the approx. 10 min appearance of James Suckling. Why? OK, he might be a friend! But why? I really don’t see any reason for this interlude. It surely doesn’t help the movie nor the sales figures. At the very end I got reconciliated by the appearance of the soon to be legdendary Bob Odenkirk. His performance is fantastically odd and hilarious at the same time. Recommendable!

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