Some Organic, Scottish, Kiwi Pinot: Urlar Pinot Noir 2007, Gladstone

Still inspired by a personal reminder I had to grab for another Pinot from NZ. The Urlar (Gaelic for The Earth) Pinot Noir from Gladstone cultivation area north of Lake Wairarapa on the North Island. Organically grown and barrel-aged. Compared to the fantastic scenery of the South Island, Lake Wairarapa might appear a bit dull. But the Pinot qualities from this area are quite convincing and not all too expensive (sometimes). The colour of this Pinot was pretty dark and shiny. Its nose was still rather reserved at first. I caught some cherries, some lime, a bit of rosehip, slight (and a bit disturbing) cooked attributes and unusual "sweaty" hints. At first the sweet'ish flavours were rather prominent. After one to two hours this changed substantially! Decent acid and still some fetching tannins impressed me. Some obvious impressions of limestone provided this Pinot with a elegant mineral touch. Nice flavours of dark cherries were very dominant, too. On top I got supplements of mild green'ish herbs. Amother half a day later I got strange but pleasing peanut flavours!? The power and finish were very well proportionate. The alc. was fine (13,5 %) and not dominating.
Nice and inflaming Pinot with heart and soul (sorry the cheesiness). Supposedly honest Pinot. Pure assumption! For relatively little money (approx. 20 Euros).

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