Teutonic Tinto Part 6: Collegium Wirtemberg Spätburgunder Réserve 2007, Württemberg

Today I'd like to continue my short Teutonic Tinto Tasting Trip. This time I it is about time to make a short leap across the black forest in north-easterly direction. Destination: Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg and one of the centres in Württemberg wine-land. Cooperative wine producers have a long and qualitywise a rather difficult history in this part of Germany. Under normal circumstances I'd like to endorse all reservations concerning the quality of such cooperative producers. However, today I am most voluntarily willing to present a Pinot from one of the few truely reliable cooperative producers in Germany. In my opinion the Collegium Wirtemberg has a solid range of well produced and enjoyable Rieslings, Pinots and most importantly for this part of Germany - Trollingers. Let's check out their Spätburgunder Reserve 2007 ...

This top shelf Pinot showed a few usual brick-red discolourations in the outer corona. However, in the core it seemed vital and close to tinted. Murkiness pulled through the entire visual impression. The nose showed scents of seemingly very juicy and juvenile-close-to-virginly-fresh-like dark cherries - I know .... tststs -  and some cherry chewing gum, some mild and less tart liquorice, dried cloves, black pepper, hardly any smoke and very well integrated roasting agents. Well, I wasn't really sure what to think of this uncannily fancy (and a bit schmancy) nose. Blessedly its taste appeared far more balanced and chummy. Beautifully juicy and grasping flavours of dark ripe cherries in combination with a very fitting lively acid indulged my palate in a rather simple, however very enjoying way which way miles away from being wishy-washy (...like so many Teutonic Tintos). The fruit flavours were very precise, ripe, beefy, in no way boiled and full of vigor. Besides that, I got “supportive aromas” of mild cloves, cinnamon, eucalyptus and old slightly lame shite pepper in a not really complex, but in a sort of felicitous, composition. I am afraid there weren't too many typical Württemberg or German Pinot characteristics. Well, as a frequent reader of this blog you might suspect something right now. I really didn't mind this “characterless insufficiency”! To me it was far more important to have a well produced and harmonious Pinot in my glass. Anyway, I am persuaded to see really decent**** and downright contenting qualities in this Collegium Wirtemberg Spätburgunder. It was juicy, really dry, fast quaffing, easy, well concentrated and kinda yummy (forgive me for the last term!). By the way! One more important fact about this Pinot. A fact which might be really dear to the heart oft he locals. Spectacular QPR ;-)

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