Wijngaard Sint Martinus Cuvée Villare 2009, Limburg

This one was supposed to be my Dutch participant for my personal World Cup final about a month ago! Actually, it is my first wine from the Netherlands! This Cuvée Villare 2009 from Wijngaard Sint Martinus estate in Limburg, the most southern tip of the Netherlands, is a pure Monarch! Less aristocracy i am afraid and more of disease-resistant qualities. These qualities were created in the late 1990s from its mother: Merzling x (Saperavi severnyi X Muskat Ottonel) and its unmistakable father: Dornfelder. Unmistakable? You will find out later! Is there something else to know? Probably yes! Unfortunately my skills in Dutch are downright pathetic. So no information at all. Well, apparently it was aged for 12 months small and mostly used French oak barrels. That's it! Well at least not so much to write about and more importantly not to read about this time. What do you think?! Let's check it out this Monarch ….

The hue of the Cuvée Villare 2009 from Wijngaard Sint Martinus was very much close to opacity. There was a lush and vital deep violet-black inky tint in my glass. Its nose was highly perfumed and seasoned with aromas of juicy Chinese plums, black pepper, juniper, moss, some bright brown earth and other pretty pushy herbs. The taste was just like all good wines from disease-resistant varietals I had so far. Plenty of rich but not so elaborate fruit and the profundity of grape juice. There was an unmistakable decent amount of very peppery and spicy flavours from daddy, as I've mentioned earlier, and tons of gently sweetish and very expressive flavor of plums. Besides that there were flavours of juniper, a hint of tart liquorice, milk chocolate and some suggested aromas of moss (never actually tried, but felt right). Its structure was overall simplistic, soft, juicy and mellow and pretty phenolic. The influence of oak was present yet not disturbing and the tannins seemed milky - for some reason. The finish was a typical quickstarter. Typical for disease-resistant varietals. Anyway, I guess all this blather might sound not all too swell. But in its own likable so la-la *** way it was quite appealing. Plenty of fruit, hardly any demand or profound depth can be quite fun – sometimes! Its price … well, let's not write about such disdainful profanities, … but on thing guys at Wijngaard Sint Martinus - please do something about the cork quality. That was a bit of a shame ...

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