Happening Now Tasting 3: Domaine Forey Père et Fils Bourgogne Blanc 1996

Once again another “Happening Now” Tasting Edition on Wine-Zeit! This time a super  reasonable experiment with a 1996 (! - not kidding) Bourgogne Blanc (! - not kidding at all) from Domaine Forey Père et Fils in Vosne-Romanée. 

6:32 pm CET

Colour: Definitely aged and pretty lush colour without looking beyond good and evil. Rather regular hue for a Chardonnay

Bouquet: Right now the nose seems a bit reserved, slightly nutty, traces of moist grass, cream cheese and not so few freshly cut red apples. The aged is tangible, however not really old or even geriatric. There is an astounding amount of freshness.

Taste: Already a lot of slim, but not weak, fresh lemon flavours, astoundingly refined limy characteristics (a bit chalk dusty), also very flabbergasting vivid acid (a bit thin, but strong), in addition to the fresh lemon quite a lot of acidic red apple flavours, hints of almonds and a pretty spicy and a bit tart finish. The length seems really fine. Like the nose: there is age to this wine, not a lot though ...

Right now – absolutely 100% sure: a big surprise due to its enormous age for a “simple” and shockingly reasonable Bourgogne Blanc – of course it is not a grand Chradonnay with hyper complexity and an even grander climat – Anyway that's some decent shit baby ;-)

8:16 pm CET

Bouquet: The nose seems riper and more aged now. Right now I get far stronger and puree'y red apple fragrances, mare expressive nutty aromas and hints of herbaceous-kraut'y particles

Taste: The pressure of distinct limy mineral characteristics are getting even stronger and more precise, the structure of the Bourgogne is still very shockingly fresh, lean and more or less free of oak, the fruit of red mash'y apples is getting more and more dominant and the lemon retreating, those minor nasal herbaceous-kraut'y impressions are evolving as well

9:42 pm CET

No substantial changes! The very lively acid is getting a bit too “suspenseful”! This very acid might be one good explanation for the youth of this surprising Chardonnay. 

12:09 am CET

Yesterday's aromas are fading! Especially the apple flavours and the limy mineral characteristics. Right now weak grapefruit flavours combined with mild cream cheese resemblances are in pole position. The acid is sill very lively! Probably a bit too lively.

Anyway, yesterday this Bourgogne Blanc was a really decent **** surprise. For a price below 8 Euros a definite semi-sensation. Whether you consider its origin or not … in any way a great bargain!

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