Foco Tamarind Juice, Thailand

For some strange reason - or not (?) - my juice posts get the highest access rates so far. It's been a long time since the last one. So today, I'd like to provide my blog with a little bit more turnover than usual and present you another juice from East-Asia. Somehow this sounds really creepy, I guess! Whatever … today I'd like to present you my first Tamarind juice! As far as I can remember – never had some before. This very first Tamarind juice was produced under the brand name Foco by the Thai Argri PLC in Samutprakarn in the Greater Bangkok area. The juice was produced by 30% tamarind pulp, water, sugar and high fructose syrup. Let's check it out …

The colour of this juice looked not like it underwent a western style food-design process. It looked very much like murky, brown'ish natural apple juice with tons of brown particles. Not really appealing indeed! The viscosity seemed very decent and distinct. The nose showed plenty of characteristics I would associate with black tea, a lot of fresh apple pulp made from brown-red apples, only a few resemblances of tamarinds, a bit of lemon and some fresh cut tree bark. The overall nasal impression was rather tart, a bit reserved and not really sweet'ish. However, the taste presented itself as pretty sweet. Probably thanks to the high fructose syrup and sugar. Besides the sweetness I got flavours of lemons (more like lemon-tea), not really an obstructive amount of tamarinds, something woody and brown apples. The finish seemed a bit tart and slightly herbal. I might describe this juice as a mixture of lemon ice-tea and stewed apples including stems and seeds. The fruit pulp was very present and its furry character provided the juice with a warm and rich mouth-feel. The Tamarind juice from Foco seemed to be a nice and slightly refreshing soft drink with character - especially due to its texture. Compared to the other tasted juices it surely wasn't that "extreme" and "indigenous". Nice one!

PS:  Shake well!

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