Happening Now Tasting 2: Chateau de Bouissel La Negrette de Bouissel 2009, Fronton

Today I am too lazy to perform some serious winery resp. wine-reconnaissance-work. That is probably why I have chosen to perform another "HAPPENING NOW" TASTING. This time with a wine made from the very autonomous grape varietal Négrette (100%). The producer was Château Bouissel in Fronton AOC in the South-West of France. As far as I know one of the few real quality producers in this “not so outstandingly super popular” viticulture area. What else to know? The back label is telling me that this Négrette based wine is supposed to be one of those Vin Naturel! Let's see ...

The colour is having a lively and juicy dark red colour without much transparency (can't see particles – unfiltered wine). No real discolourations and pretty regular viscosity (14,5% alc.). Somehow certain colour association with juvenile Grenache based wines are rising in my headnut. Can't specify why.

The bottle was opened at 20:20 CET

The nose is very rustic, a bit crude and certainly more than just a bit barn'y, is showing quite a lot of fresh and warm black currant fragrances, a little bit of nutmeg, very mild smoke and nose teasing black pepper. Already a very nice, but not really a very subtle bouquet.

The taste is a bit restrain and not totally present. I am tasting rather mild tannin, considering the juvenile age and the origin. The acid isn't violent or harsh at all. I think it should stay that way in the coming hours. As previously mentioned, the fruit is rather reserved. I am getting some impressions of warm and uncomplicated black currant flavours and a lot of dusty smoke. Besides that I think I am tasting a few hints of possible Vin Naturel wierdos: pretty fresh whey, air-dried salami and associations of various animals. Anyway, these wierdos are seeming very mild and underlying. So far a simple wine without a lot of distinct qualities.

More in an hour or so …

Right now the nose is seeming fresher, more vital and less barn'y stinky. I think I am getting traces of (not too fresh lemons) and definitely fresh herbs. Besides those minor developments the scent of black currants are still prevailing. The smoke is fading substantially. Hints of the nutmeg are rising! At the moment a bit more delightful and convincing nose. Still not all too subtle.

The taste is coming a bit more to life. I am getting a few stronger and more expressive flavours of tart black currants, probably a bit more impressions of mineral characteristics and less present nutmeg. The tannin (slightly rude) and acid is still okay and more or less the same. Right now a convincing, not too special and surly not subtle or challenging wine. Apart of the salami the wierdos have left the palate! The finish is pulling through a tough period … Not really great or above average!

More in approx. an hour ...

No real nasal change! Perhaps a bit more settled and unfortunately slightly flatting!?

Only minor changes. The taste is getting more juicy and plum'y. Black currant, a bit more soft and tender, is remaining as the master of fruit-domain. The overall impression is still rather crude, not really subtle and not too complex. The finish remains pretty short and won't improve ( I am afraid!). No real improvments so far. For sure a wine good enough for a decent weekday consumption. But not a really great one! At least it seems clean and down-to-earth!

One more update tomorrow evening ... 

→ 20:10
Now, the nose evolved back to a little stinky one. Besides that I am getting dark and tart fruit and plenty of not too harsh smoke.

The taste smoothed (a bit) overnight, but hasn't lost its crude character. The rest is not really mentionable!

In my curious rating language a so-so *** wine, I guess. No real harm, no real excitement! Pretty boring for a Vin Naturel! Speaking of which, this afternoon I have allowed myself to do some “involuntary” “winery resp. wine reconnaissance” work anyway. Not serious work, of course! Somehow I am under the impression that this winery could be not that vin-naturel'ish as I might imagine it should!? Okay, my French is pretty crap (or I was simply too lazy) – so serious doubts are absolutely justified! Perhaps one of you guys can check out for me ;-)

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