Happening Now Tasting 1: Domaine Dupont-Tisserandot Mazis-Chambertin 1994

Today I am about to try something new! At least for me! A „Happening Now“ Tasting. Let's check out how this will work out. Background input about the producer? Sorry guys, not real information and absolutely any personal experience about Dupot-Tisserandot. About the vineyard? Too famous, I dare to anticipate: No information required! The vintage? 1994 was pretty questionable! Well, first the stage of the tasting note wasn't that satisfying. I guess! Anyway, let's start:

The colour appears to be rather bright. Not really red. More towards red-orange in the corona area, but nicely ruby red in the core. The nose appears to be tart, tart and tart, rugged, a bit haystack'ish, more than slightly peppery (surprisingly unusual for Pinot Noir), strongly influenced by dark cherries and strong mineral sediment. The overall taste seems really good in shape, darn nicely aged, not that smooth – I get plenty of gaunt and hard'ish tannin – character, very autumnal flavours and hints of charcoal and very strong alleged limy features. The left-over fruit is totally dominated by earthy and tart dark cherries. The concentration seems decent, but pretty lean for a Chambertin. Probably due to age and vintage. Still decently structured. The finish is fine! Looking forward to the hours ahead! To be continued ...

Right now this Mazis seems exactly like one would expect a well aged (and for a '94 ideal case) Burg (maybe a Chambertin, I personally wouldn't go so far)! I get more elegance, “integrity”, refined balance, less tart fruit – more dried and easier to access dark cherry fruit - , less stern mineral features and even a slightly better and less drying out finish! In conclusion, for now, a bit more decency! Again, to be continued ….


In the past 30 minutes total downfall time was happening! A sheer decent into a harsh, very tart and “vacant” Pinot-Soup experience. Nothing more to expect! My résumé: decent **** Pinot with sufficient life, leaner body, much nicer nose than taste and well aged character! Five years ago this wine would have been much more interesting for me!?! I guess, I will never become a great enthusiast for substantially aged wines! At least not from questionable vintages. Shame on me ...

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