On the Oregon Trail Part 3: Maysara Pinot Noir Jamsheed 2008, McMinnville

Back in Oregon! This time in McMinnville AVA. Maysara is a relatively large (more than 250 acres) Demeter certified biodynamic wine producer which was founded in 2001 by the Momtazi family. The Jamsheed Pinot Noir, named after an ancient Persian king, is a selection of the Momtazi Estate vineyard (mainly Pommard, and a few Dijon, clones).

This time I can spare a lot of words, because this wine appeared to be rather easily accessible, well made, very clean and very fruitful. Simply good, however not really highly complex. But I did not have any problems with this limited sophistication. The fruit impression was so intoxicating and “soul supporting”. I never felt any need for more. Compared to the other Oregon Pinot I had so far on the blog once more a totally different style of Pinot Noir. The colour was pretty dark and very vibrant. The nose full of dark forest berries like cassis and even some brambles. I did not really get a distinct impression of the classical “Oregon funk”. Not so many autumn’ish features either. Just wonderfully balanced and clear clean fruit. The same counts for the taste. Very sincerely fruitful characteristics, very juicy, a bit spicy-peppery, rather lean bodied, pretty serious without being top-heavy and well “infused” with a perfectly and lively acid. This Pinot is just great to relax your brain and surrender to enjoyment!

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