Contro la Depressione: Tenuta Ulisse Unico Pecorino Terre di Chieti 2011 IGT, Abruzzi e Molise + Assorted Rieslings from Pfalz

This time I needed an anti-depressant for football humiliation. What else could be better than an auto white from the Abruzzi region? Well, I guess quite a lot could be better: Brunello, Barolo, Amarone and bla bla bla! In my capacity as a (wannabe) wine adventurer I simply needed something more "offbeat"! So, Pecorino! According to several sources Pecorino appears to be a low-yielding and pretty rare (approx. 200 ha) grape varietal from the mountainous regions of central Italy. So it is not just some cheese – like some intellectually limited wine adventurer once thought ;-)

Tenuta Ulisse Unico Pecorino Terre di Chieti 2011 IGT, Abruzzi e Molise

The colour of the Pecorino was rather bright with slight green reflexes and traces of H2CO3. The nose seemed expressive, but lean! I got robust scents of grass, quince, paper mill action, lemon and some diffuse green exotic freshness. It almost seemed a bit perfumed and maybe a bit too intense. The Pecorinos taste wasn’t lean at all. It was very masculine and full of power. Rather juvenile power. I got plenty of fruitful flavours like apricots, quince, dextrose and maybe even some hints of pomegranate. Besides the very fruitful impression of this wine I got some light flavours of dried grass and smoke. The fruit sweetness and the alcohol were a lil’ little excessive, but the relatively strong acid helped to overlay this situation a bit. Nice, excessively approachable whitey with plenty of fruit and an acceptable price!

Weingut Ökonomierat Rebholz, Riesling vom Rotliegenden Spätlese trocken 2007, Pfalz

Rather dark yellow – obviously aged Riesling. The nose seemed rather intense and slightly bitter, characterized by overripe exotic fruits and some herbs. The taste seemed not all too fresh and pleasing. Somehow slightly over-aged and maybe some acid lacking situation!?! A bit disappointing I guess. The fruitful character was decently proportionate (broad exotic fruits and hints of dark berry fruits), but the already mentioned disadvantages prevailed! 

Epilog: Afterwards I got some input from a hot and heavy source ;-) Probably a timing thing. In a few years it might present itself a little bit better again! Let's see! The hot and heavy source should know!

Weingut Koehler-Ruprecht, Riesling Kallstadter Saumagen Auslese trocken 2006, Pfalz

Pretty regular Riesling yellow colour. The nose was a bit stinky, a bit sauerkrauty and showed 100% typical and indefinable KR-Riesling-Characteristics! So far so bad! I even got bitterness and some lactic impressions. Cork problems? I don’t really know! On the third day not as problematic as on the second day (prime consumption day). The KR’s taste was pretty powerful, creamy, slightly bitter, showed (for KR Rieslings) typical fruit flavours, but had not enough of density and complexity. Almost a bit displeasingly short finish! Sorry! Surely more than just drinkable, but not a lot! Perhaps it was a defect!?!

Weingut Dr. Bürklin-Wolf, Riesling Wachenheimer Gerümpel P.C. 2009, Pfalz 

A conciliating end! The colour was silver-golden. Rather bright and a bit pale. The nose seemed decently and well proportionate fruitful, slightly exotic, elegantly expressive and catchy. The taste had plenty of charisma! It was gripping, pretty juicy, showed a variety of fresh fruits (mainly lemons), had a vibrating/strong acid, a gently refreshing buoyancy and a very decent finish! For sure the best Riesling of the evening! Has potential for the next years!

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